In what type of stock universe is there exponential intrigue in the “New Economy” Nasdaq with very little interest in the “Old Economy” of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)? Welcome to the 2020 Pleasure Dome.

Perhaps ironically, corporate executive insiders have dumped more than $50 billion worth of shares since the start of May. Meanwhile, August should see insider selling exceed $15 billion for the third time in four months. (Hat tip to TrimTabs Research.)

Why are executives at so many public corporations unloading their stock shares? Wouldn’t they want their wealth to keep growing if they were confident in the current rally?

In all likelihood, these leaders see a challenging environment for their businesses. Even the new all-time highs for the S&P 500 occurred with the lowest participation of index constituents dating back to 2000.

In other words, there was relatively little faith in the stock bull right before the 2000 tech bubble burst. Will the Nasdaq stock bubble explode here in 2020?

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